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whiteScattergood-Moore aka Gene Arthur Scattergood was born in The City of Newton, Massachusetts on 30 November 1940. His mother died the day after his birth. His father gave Scattergood to his mother's sister to be raised with her family on Long Island, NY. At the age of four, Scattergood was abducted by two men from the Christian Science Church and brought to Boston to live with his father - a year later he was sent to Bass River, Cape Cod, where he was cared for by his fathers elderly stepsister and later attended public school. He had a traumatic childhood and difficult adolescence.

whiteAfter graduating from Swain School of Design, New Bedford, in 1963 with a diploma in drawing and painting, Scattergood received a BFA from Boston University and MFA from University of Cincinnati. Scattergood-Moore has an extensive record of solo and group exhibitions; he has participated in over eighty-five invitational and juried shows; his work can be found in numerous private collections throughout the United States. Since the mid-1980s Scattergood has concentrated on creating large-scale charcoal drawings, portraits, and conceptual projects. He has received recognition and commendation from Boston art critics and received three fellowships from the Massachusetts Council for the Arts and was nominated for the prestigious national 'Awards in the Visual Arts Program.'

Photograph of SCATTERGOOD-MOORE with drawing, c.1930, of his great-grand-
father, WARREN JAMES MOORE, by his mother, MARY EMILY MOORE, © 2015

ARTIST STATEMENT: The main focus of my current work is drawing - specifically highly manipulated charcoal drawing. My source of inspiration often comes from direct observation of the natural world: plants, skulls, people and portraits, and/or photographic resources, etc.; Some drawings projects are conceived in a series or as a homage to an artwork, artist or activist, I am attracted to - in this case, the French symbolist printmaker and draughtsman, Odilon Redon (1840-1916) who's use of intense and mysterious blacks - he called them "noirs" ("black things") - and who's depiction of dream images - imagery with bizarre and grotesque characteristics - I am drawn to, liked a spider to the fly.   My drawings inspire, and are not to be defined. They place us, as does music, in the ambiguous realm of the undetermined., Odilon Redon   My drawing is based on Redon's lithograph, "The Smiling Spider" (1881) and is titled, "The Spider Monkey (after Redon)" - executed in charcoal - with a few touches of white gouache. Here Redon's whimsical spider has transformed itself into the head of a monkey with two - not ten legs as in the original - and smiles mischievously as it performs a lopsided dance. This dark little demon is pleased with it's freedom to express unconscious desires through dreams and the medium of art.   This small drawing was originally created for the New Arts Center "Icon and Altars" auction.   -   Scattergood-Moore

above: The Spider Monkey (after Redon)
Charcoal, gouache, stamped letterpress letters
Scattergood-Moore, copyright © of the artist
Private art collection of K. C. & R. P.

white blankAs well as creating his own art work, since 1962, Scattergood has worked as an art librarian, framer and gallery assistant. He taught art classes - specializing in drawing and printmaking - for forty-five years and worked briefly as an art administrator. As a free-lance curator, Scattergood organized numerous acclaimed exhibitions in the Boston-area and as founder and director of The Dana Gallery, a non-profit gallery in Wellesley, Scattergood, (from 1973-2006) curated more than 150 exhibitions. After 38 years teaching art at a single-sex high school - including 10 years as department head - Scattergood resigned from teaching in 2006.

white blankAs founder and web designer for PantherPro Web Design Scattergood-Moore has specialized, since 1993, in the creation of websites for visual artists and creating numerous art-educational websites - the most popular being Artists' Sketchbooks Online. Scattergood has been especially keen in providing exposure and websites for lesser known American artists - Thomas, Wilfred, Francis Stevens, etc. - and the extraordinary life and art of Helen West Heller and a Timeline and Inventory of Heller's art work. In 2003, Scattergood organized and curated the first major retrospective of Helen West Heller Woodcuts since her death in 1955.

white blankScattergood was divorced in 1984 after 17 years in a dysfunctional marriage. He is the farther of two estranged daughters, now grown with children of their own.

white blankA social activist, Scattergood has worked for artists' rights and housing issues and was an early member of the Boston Visual Artists Union; he was a founding member of the Newton Artists Housing Partnership which purchased the Claflin School from the City of Newton and developed it into permanent live/work space for visual artists. He has served on the Newton Arts Center Board of Directors and was appointed visual arts representative to the City of Newton Cultural Council, which he chaired from 2002-2004. A resident of The City of Newton for thirty years, Scattergood maintains a studio and shade gardens at his condo in Claflin School Studios.


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barhrach photo
image based on
color photograph
Newton Free Library, Newton, MA


"I have lived eighty years of life and know nothing for it,
but to be resigned and tell myself that flies are born to be
eaten by spiders and man to be devoured by sorrow."